Cody Ransom Sighting and Other News

Cody “Babe” Ransom has come off the 60-day DL, and after a 14-game rehab assignment in which he hit .250 with two HR’s and eight RBI’s at AAA Scranton-Wilkes Barre, he will be rejoining the Yankees.  The Yankees have designated veteran infielder Angel Berroa for assignment to make space for Ransom on the roster.

Meanwhile, Rob Neyer thinks the Twins made a wise move sending Luis Ayala packing.  His thinking is that middle relievers of Ayala’s current performance level are generally fungible and not worth keeping around if they annoy the manager.  The title of Neyer’s post is Twins Jettison Knucklehead.  Neyer gets an entire article out of this premise, but I think I’ve pretty well summed it up in a paragraph.

Also, Cubs starting catcher Geovany Soto tested positive for marijuana at this year’s World Baseball Classic.  It will be interesting to see what punishment he gets for it.  Can he be suspended for fifty games under the MLB drug policy?

Here’s an article from Bill Lubinger of the Cleveland Plain Dealer.  Lubinger says that 58 drugs are listed in the categories of performance enhancing drugs, 30 drugs in the category of stimulants, and 7 drugs (including marijuana, cocaine and LSD) are considered “drugs of abuse”.  The fifty game first suspension only applies to performance enhancing drugs.

Here is the MLB drug policy itself from the Players’ Association website.  According to Section 8.F, it appears that Soto cannot be suspended for testing positive for pot so long as he participates in some assigned treatment program, and he cannot be fined more than $25,000.  Also, under the MLB drug policy, a player cannot be tested for a drug of abuse without reasonable suspicion (unlike PED’s or stimulants).

The Players’ Association may have an argument that Soto cannot be subject to any discipline unless he fails a test performed by MLB.  Presumably, however, a positive test in the WBC would give MLB “reasonable cause” to test Soto now for pot.  My guess is that MLB and Soto’s representatives will negotiate an agreement that fines Soto nothing or $5,000 or $10,000, at most, and requires him to participate in some sort of anti-drug education program, with possible future testing for marijuana for some limited time like one year.   Anything more than that, and the Players’ Association will file a grievance they will probably win.

Here’s yet another interesting story: after last night’s Angels-Rockies game in Anaheim, an off-duty police officer shot two young men, whom the officer alleges assaulted him as he and his family were returning to their car.  The officer was treated for a head wound at a hospital, which he claimed was incurred when one or both of the men he shot hit him with beer bottles.

It was the third incident of violence at a greater L.A. ballpark this year.  A man died after a fight on opening day at Angel Stadium, and another man was stabbed multiple times but lived at the Dodgers’ home opener.  I would make some snide remarks about the people who go to ballgames in L.A., but we’ve had our own murder or two at Current Corporate Name Park in San Francisco in the last few years.   Even at the ballpark, there’s no escaping the world we live in.

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