Hiroshima Carp Sign Andy Phillips

The Hiroshima Toyo Carp signed 32 year old minor leaguer Andy Phillips to a $400,000 contract today.  In the minors, Phillips’ time has been pretty evenly split between 1B, 2B and 3B.  In 557 major league at-bats, Phillips has hit .250 with a .678 OPS and 14 HR’s.

Phillips is the kind of veteran 4-A player Japanese teams like, but I don’t know that he has enough left to succeed in Japan.  In 217 AAA at-bats that this year, he’s hitting an even .300, but his OPS is only .782.  Given his age, his career is likely winding down.

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5 Comments on “Hiroshima Carp Sign Andy Phillips”

  1. shlepcar Says:

    Ponson tested positive for stimulant at WBC!

    That guy is the all-time biggest tool!

  2. shlepcar Says:

    and Milton Bradley is up to it again!! Piniella told him to go home.

  3. shlepcar Says:

    I’m looking forward to your reactions.

    I just want to say one more time- I love your site!!

    You are really good at what you do. So good, that I’m in second place in my fantasy league! Thanks!

    BTW- I just offered Zack Greinke and Eric Bedard (on DL) for Torii Hunter. You needn’t comment…I just kind of like the idea of your head exploding– or at least your eyes rolling.

    Keep up the great work Burly!!!

  4. shlepcar Says:

    I know you have a life to live, but now, we even had the unknown guy coming up from triple-A, who thought that his contract was being purchased by Japan…and it was to the big leagues…and he pitched six shutout innings, got a hit, and won!

    You need a weekend guy? I’ll do it.

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