Pat Misch Sighting and Other Comments

When I wasn’t looking, the Mets called up former Giant Pat Misch, and he appeared in his fourth game for them tonight.  He gave up a run in one inning pitched, but it was his first earned run in 4.1 IP, good for a Mets’ ERA of 2.08.  After his pitching for the Giants, however, his season ERA still stands at a robust 5.87.

I have no ill will toward Misch.  He’s always been an over-achiever, who relies on pitching rather than stuff.  He’s definitely a guy who needs strong D behind him to succeed at this level.  Perhaps, he’s been getting that in NYC.

Meanwhile, Bobby Parnell also pitched for the Mets tonight, gave up a couple of runs, and his 2009 ERA now stands at 5.22.  Remember when the Nats offered the Mets Nick Johnson for Parnell even up back when Parnell’s ERA was below 2.00?  Granted, Johnson’s performance has dropped off since then also, but he’s still hitting .299 with a .408 OBP and an .829 OPS.  In short, it looks right now like the Mets made a mistake.

The Brewers have a young meathead in their system named Jeremy Jeffress, who just got hit with a 100 game suspension for testing positive for a drug of abuse for the third time in four year minor league career.  My guess would be pot or cocaine or some combination of the two.

A pitcher, he was the 16th player selected in the 2006 draft, and his minor league numbers suggest he’s got great stuff.  He’s only 21, and he cost the Brewers $1.55M, so they won’t give up on him yet, but he’s gotten his brains beaten out in twelve starts at AA Huntsville, so he’s still a long way from the majors, even if he can get over his addiction problems.

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