Brad Penny Reportedly Headed to San Francisco

Both and are reporting that pitcher Brad Penny, recently sent through waivers by the Red Sox, will sign with the Giants for the rest of 2009.  This looks like a great move for both Penny and the Giants.

The Giants weren’t able to get any consistency out of rookie starters Ryan Sadowski or Joe Martinez after Randy Johnson went down with a shoulder injury, and, of course, like most teams the Giants prefer seasoned vets for the stretch drive.  Penny gives the Giants a proven commodity, who is only two years away from his 16-4 year for the 2007 Dodgers.

The move should also help Penny.  Aside from finding himself back in the NL, he’s joining a team tied for the wildcard and playing in a much better pitchers’ park than Fenway in Boston.

There is little risk for the Giants.  They will reportedly pay Penny the major league minimum, and, possibly, any reported bonuses Penny gets based on season starts, innings pitched, etc. (Boston may still be required to pay these under MLB rules and/or the collective bargaining agreement with the players’ association) .  In other words, he’ll cost the Giants almost nothing for a 5th starter they desparately need.

The key thing for the Giants now is to get Penny’s name signed to a contract and have him join the team before midnight tonight, so that the Giants can use Penny in the post-season, if they do make it.

The Rockies have more home games the rest of the way than the Giants do, so the Rox still have to be considered the favorites to win the wildcard.  Nonetheless, the Giants have to feel pretty good about their chances.  The key factor, I think, will be whether the Giants can play better in their last fifteen road games than they have so far this year.

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One Comment on “Brad Penny Reportedly Headed to San Francisco”

  1. Lee Says:

    Yep! San Francisco Giants signed Penny as a fifth starter.

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