Giants Finally Do It

It took until the last game of the season, but they did it.  Now, it’s the same as if they’d won the division by 10 games, so bring on the Braves!

It feels like it’s been more than six years since the last time the Giants made the play-offs.  We had to put up with some pretty bad seasons from 2005 through 2008, but it’s all worth it now.

I can’t help but notice that we had tremendous parity in MLB this year.  Not one team had a .600 winning percentage (the Phillies are tops at .599) and only two had winning percentages below .400.

If only the national economy wasn’t so bad, I’d suggest it was a good time to add two more teams through expansion.

The big moves during the season were obviously acquiring Pat Burrell and trading away Bengie Molina so Buster Posey  could play every day at catcher.  Burrell and Posey combined for 36 HRs in 695 at-bats and turned the team into one that could score runs in bunches just often enough.

Thanks to the long ball, the Giants ended up 9th in the NL in runs scored.  They finished 8th in OPS, so the team record 158 double-plays they hit into didn’t cost them that much.

Giants’ pitchers’ 583 runs allowed was good for second in the NL, only two runs behind the Padres.

Also critical was the emergence of Madison Bumgarner and the fact that the trade deadline moves improved the middle of the bullpen.  The Giants were 16 games over .500 (45-29) after the All-Star Break.  They were just as good enough as they had to be.

It was a real team effort on both sides of the ball, and I’ll say it again — Bring on the Braves!

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4 Comments on “Giants Finally Do It”

  1. Jose Says:

    Living in San Diego, I was hoping and praying for a one game playoff tomorrow. I’m impartial to both teams, I just wanted to watch a 1 game playoff live. I was also looking forward to the chaos that would have been a three way tie with the Padres, Giants, and Braves. But, at least there was meaning to 162 today.

    Seeing as my team has been out of it for a while (Dodgers), I’ve been plotting fun playoff scenarios, and my tops would be an NLCS featuring the Giants and the Phillies. I’d love to see those two staffs go toe-to-toe.

    My favorite potential AL matchup is a rematch of Rays v. Yankees. I know, I’ve gotten to see it a lot all year already, but it’s probably the best baseball the AL would have to offer.

    And, if it were up to me, I’d like to see the Rays square off against the Giants in the World Series. The team in Tampa Bay vs. the team that almost went to Tampa Bay. Good times.

  2. shlepcar Says:

    So great to get a new post from Burly’s Baseball Musings. I’m very excited for this playoffs. I think the Twins best chance against the Yanks is this year, and also think the Giants have a great shot at beating Atlanta. How damn exciting.


    • Burly Says:

      Tough for the Twins to have to play without Morneau, but they have a good enough team even without him that this might be the year they finally knock off the Yankees. The Twins had the best record in the AL until they clinched early, rested their veterans and lost a bunch of games in the season’s last two weeks.

      As it played out, it looks like the Matt Capps trade gave the Twins exactly what they wanted and needed. It made the entire bullpen better. Wilson Ramos may yet develop into a major league star, but the Twins got what they traded for: a division winning team in the first year of their new ballpark. Now all they have to do is make it past the first round of the play-offs.

      I’m glad the Giants are starting the play-offs against the Braves. You have to figure the NL pennant goes through Philadelphia — the NL representative in the World Series is either going to be the Phillies or a team that beats the Phillies. That being said, anything can happen in a short series.

  3. BigUglyScott Says:

    I feel strongly that the Atlanta Braves’ team name should be changed to The Hated Atlanta Braves. A bit like the Damn Yankees. Don’t get me started on the Dodgers.

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