Twins Trade Cuddyer for Willingham

Not exactly, but in practical effect.   On paper, it’s a good move for the Twins.

According to, the Twins will be giving Josh Willingham $21 million for three seasons, while the Rockies will be paying Michael Cuddyer $31.5 million over the same three seasons.  It seems fairly clear to me that Cuddyer isn’t worth $3.5 million per year than Willingham.

Both will be 33 next year, both have some power.  Cuddyer has more defensive value, particularly because he can play quite a few positions.  Fangraphs says Cuddyer was worth $14 million last year and $30.1 million over the last three, while Willingham was worth $9.4 million last year and $33 million over the last three.  That sounds like pretty much the same player.

Cuddyer obviously had some slightly greater value to the Twins, given the long history he had with the team.  It will be interesting to see what Twins fans have to say about the switch.

I expect there will be a certain amount of grumbling until the season actually starts.  If Willingham plays well and, more importantly, if the Twins play winning baseball, the fans will forget Michael Cuddyer right quick.  At the end of the day, fans mostly want to see a winning team.

The reports are that the Twins are actively trying to re-sign Jason Kubel, but now that they’ve thrown their lot in with Josh Willingham and Ryan Doumit, I don’t really see the point.  The Twins have plenty of good-hit-no-field players already, and they should be saving all the DH time they can for Joe Mauer anyway.

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