All Or Nothing

It will be interesting to see how the Oakland A’s Yoenis Cespedes’ season progresses.  After four games and 14 plate appearances, he is leading the major leagues with three HRs and seven Ks, and he has yet to draw a walk.

It doesn’t get much more all or nothing for a hitter than that.

Now that he’s established his big time power (and he certainly has big time power, with two of the dingers going the opposite way and two clearing 400 feet, the longest estimated at 462), you have to think that pitchers are quickly going to throw him a lot fewer strikes.  The seven K’s and the no walks so far does not suggest that Cespedes is going to make the necessary adjustment quickly.

Of course, you can’t read much into only four games.  Unfortunately, with Cespedes, a rookie who never played in the minor leagues, there is precious little other information with which to try to project his future performance.

In Spring Training, Cespedes hit .229 (8 for 35) with four walks, 12 strikeouts and five extra base hits.  The four walks is at least a promising sign, although the sample size is extremely small.  As for the other numbers, they match his four regular season games: tremendous power, tremendous strikeout rate and definitely a work in progress.

If Cespedes hits well enough to stay in the starting line-up all season for Oakland (I think there’s still a good chance he’ll get sent down to AAA Sacramento for spell after the major league pitchers stop throwing him strikes and he consequently stops hitting tape measure homeruns), my guess is that he’ll have a season that fits in with Mark Reynolds’ last two seasons, only with about half of Reynolds’ seasonal walk totals.

Given that the A’s aren’t expected to go anywhere this season (they’re already off to a 1-3 start, surprising no one), the odds are fairly good the A’s will keep him in the line up all year long even if he only hits .210, so long as he continues to hit for power.  The A’s signed Cespedes mainly with years two through four of his four year deal in mind.

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