Stray Thoughts

It looks like Tim Lincecum is going to take another loss tonight (you can’t give up five runs and expect to win against Roy Halladay), but I’m still not concerned.  Lincecum is striking people out, but he’s just given up too many hits.  If his stuff is still there, he’ll figure it out eventually.  It may just be the law of averages catching up with him.

The Tigers let Justin Verlander throw a complete game and 131 pitches in a game in which he lost the shutout in the first inning.  Seems like a lot of pitches to have your ace throw in mid-April on a 64 degree night in Kansas City (probably a lot colder by the last three innings).

Giants closer Brian Wilson is officially getting his elbow ligament replaced for the second time in his career.  Wilson blew out his elbow in college at LSU, which enabled the Giants to draft him in the 24th round in 2003.  His career is a miracle of modern surgical techniques.

Wilson is still young enough to come back from this surgery.  My guess is his major league career resumes in mid-2013, he isn’t quite the same as he was before this surgery, but he regains some of his former glory, and he hangs around until he blows out that elbow tendon for the third and final time.

One thing I haven’t seen enough on is why so many pitchers seem to blow out their elbow tendons today.  I always chalk it up to the heavy reliance on the slider in the modern game — curveballs are reputedly harder on the shoulder, sliders harder on the elbow — but I don’t really know.  I sure would appreciate a link to any analysis anyone has done linking risk factors for blown elbow tendons.

Speaking of blown elbow tendons, Steven Strasburg had another fine performance today.  It looks like he’s all the way back and then some, at least until he blows out his elbow tendon again.  My prediction is 2020 or 2021.

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