San Francisco Giants Draft Mississippi State RHP Chris Stratton

The Giants just selected Mississippi State right-hander Chris Stratton with the 20th pick of the 2012 MLB Draft.  You can find his 2012 college stats here from MSU’s website.

With 127 K’s and only 25 walks in 109.2 IP and 2.38 ERA, Stratton looks like a college pitcher who would selected in the middle of the first round.  According to, his “sneaky” fastball hits 94 mph, scouts like his body type, he has four pitches, and “above average control.”

Most of the mock drafts I looked at had Stratton going in the 13th to 16th overall pick range, so the Giants are probably very pleased he dropped down to them.

Stratton had ERAs of 5.29 and 5.21 his first two years of college, and, although he struck out about one batter per inning pitched, his command wasn’t there.  In fact, he lost his starter slot and began this season out of the bullpen, until his fine pitching quickly put him back in the Bulldogs’ rotation.  He obviously found his command this year and elevated himself into the first round.

Looking at the Draft so far, the first round has been high school heavy, with 9 of the first 14 and 13 of the first 23 players selected coming out of high school.  Looking at the college players’ stats, my guess is that the 2012 college class isn’t particularly strong.

The thing that jumps out at me is that none of the top college pitchers or position players has had the kind of 2012 season you expect from the first ten players drafted out of college.  Good numbers, but no 1.300+ OPS or 13+ Ks/9IP you expect to see from at least a couple of the top college players drafted.

I was a bit surprised to see Stanford right-hander Mark Appel drop down to 8th overall pick, given that all the mock drafts I saw had him in the top three or four and he was the top choice for No. 1 pick.  However, most of the other college pitchers drafted in the first round so far had pretty similar numbers to Appel this year.  Even so, the Pirates are probably thrilled.

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