San Francisco Giants 2012 Draft Picks: Day 2

The Giants have gone very heavily with college pitchers in this year’s draft.  After taking Mississippi State right-hander Chris Stratton with the 20th pick of the draft, six of the Giants’ next seven picks have been college pitchers.  Here’s a run-down:

Martin Agosta, RHP, St. Mary’s College (84th overall).  Agosta went 9-2 this year with a 2.18 ERA and line of 103.1 IP, 86 hits, 27 BBs and 95 Ks.  He pitched well as a sophomore also. He’s listed as 6’1″ and 178 lbs, which is a little small for a right-hander.

Johnathan “Mac” Williamson, RF, Wake Forest (115th overall).  The Giants obviously like his power.  While he hit only .286, he slugged 17 HRs and posted a .985 OPS.  He’s big (listed as 6’4″ and 213 lbs) and he hit 36 HRs in three seasons of college ball.  He strikes out a lot (153 times in 576 college ABs), although his Ks were down somewhat this season; it might be problem for him in professional ball.

Steven Okert, LHP, Oklahoma (148th overall).  Okert went 9-7 this season with a 2.78 ERA with a line of 81 IP, 66 hits, 35 BBs and 75 Ks.  Looks like a good pick for this far down in the draft.  Decent size at 6’2″ and 210 lbs.

Ty Blach, LHP, Creighton (178th overall).  Ty went 6-6 with a 2.69 ERA and line of 120.1 IP, 94 hits, 28 walks and 84 Ks.  He was clearly the ace of Creighton’s staff, for what that’s worth.  His strikeout rate is low for a college prospect, but that’s to be expected by the time you get to the 178th pick.  He clearly knows how to pitch and has command.

Blach might be a sleeper, however.  In 2011, he had a much better year, going 10-3 with a 2.65 ERA and 100 Ks in 102 IP.  One wonders if he hasn’t been worked a little too hard the last two seasons, which would explain the drop in his strikeout rate this season.  He’s listed as 6’1″ and 200 lbs.

Steven Johnson, RHP, St. Edwards University (TX), (208th overall).  I’ve never heard of St. Edwards, but they apparently have a pretty good baseball team.  They went 37-16 in whatever league they play in (its Division II, I think).

Johnson was a relief pitcher in college, and he obviously has a live arm.  In 30 appearances, he had a 1.45 ERA with 74 Ks and 17 BBs in 43.1 IP.  Has a pitcher’s body at 6’4″ and 205 lbs.  Almost certain to be a relief pitcher in pro ball from the get-go.

Edwardo “E.J.” Encinosa, RHP, Miami (238th overall).  Another relief pitcher with a live arm, Encinosa had a 2.79 ERA in 24 relief appearances with 39 Ks and 17 BBs in 29 IP.   He was a starter in 2011 and pitched pretty well, posting a 3.45 ERA and 70 Ks in 86 IP.

One suspects he was hurt at some point this season, and it dropped his draft stock.  He’s listed on Miami’s website as 6’5″ and 242 lbs, which is awfully big for 20 year old and makes me wonder about his conditioning.

Joe Kurrasch, LHP, Penn State (268th overall).  Another guy I’m surprised fell this far.  He had a 2.05 ERA this year with 78 Ks in 87.2 IP, but also allowed 46 walks.

Kurrasch started his college career at Cal in 2010 and was highly ineffective in the PAC-10.  He’s still considered a sophomore, because he transferred to Penn State and had to sit out the 2011 season.  The lack of college experience is possibly what kept him from getting selected sooner.  Depending on who you believe, he’s either 6’2″ or 6′ even, and he weighs 205 lbs.

Shilo McCall, CF, Peidra Vista HS (NM) (298th overall).  The Giants’ first high school pick (and the only one so far), McCall was the New Mexico high school player of the year.  He has already signed a letter of intent with the University of Arkansas, and what with the cap on the total amount teams can now pay their draft picks, it seems unlikely the Giants can come up with the signing bonus big enough to get McCall to forego his college experience.

Trevor Brown, C, UCLA (328th overall).  Trevor hit .322 with an .802 OPS for the Bruins this year.

Ryan Tella, CF, Auburn (358th overall).  Tella hit .360 with a .956 OPS and .448 OBP.  He’s local boy, born in Fremont, and he appears to have played ball for a year or two at Ohlone Junior College.  He runs well, with 17 stolen bases in 21 attempts this year.  Another guy who you wonder why he fell all the way to the 11th round.

Jeremy Sy, SS, U. Louisiana Monroe (388th overall).  As a senior, Sy hit .330 with a .942 OPS and .436 OBP.  As a junior, Sy hit only .246, but had a .784 OPS and .353 OBP.  Given his age (turns 23 in October) and his small school status, it’s doubtful Sy will ever amount to anything as a professional.  Still, it’s nice to see the Giants draft some players who know how to get on base, and you never know just how a young player will develop.

Ryan Jones, 2B, Michigan State (418th overall).  Hit .352 with a an .893 OPS and .422 OBP this year.  Jones has little power, but he can hit, compiling a career college batting average of .359 as a three-year starter.  His college career .432 OBP is also extremely impressive.

Tyler Hollick, CF, Chandler Gilbert CC (AZ) (448th overall).  In 48 junior college games this year he hit .475 with 61 stolen bases in 67 attempts.  Given where he was drafted, it’s likely he’ll transfer to a four-year school next year where he can improve his draft position in 2013.

Leonardo Rojas, C, Miami-Dade CC South (FL) (478th overall).  In 46 junior college games, Rojas hit .362.  Another pick as likely to go to a four year college as sign with the Giants.

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