San Francisco Giants 2012 Draft Picks: Day 3

The Giants continued their trend of selecting college players.  Although their final four picks were high school players, 35 of the 40 amateurs the Giants selected were college or junior college players.

I’m not going to list every player selected today, like I did for Day 2 of the Draft.  You can get the full listing here at’s draft tracker website.  I’ll focus on the players I find interesting.

The Giants took three players from University of Louisiana Monroe in the draft.  After selecting SS Jeremy Sy in the 12th round, they selected LHP Randall Ziegler in the 19th round and 1Bman Joe Rapp in the 28th round.  The Gints must have had a scout who saw the Warhawks play a lot of games this year.  The team went 32-30, so its a little hard to imagine what got the Giants so excited about these players.  However, all three played well in Monroe this past season.

20th Round pick Cal 3Bman Mitch Delfino had a fine 2012 season, hitting .355 with an .893 OPS.  Seems like a great pick for this far down in the draft.

22nd Round pick Long Beach State CF Brennan Metzger hit .302 with an .812 OPS.  However, he was a senior this year, and he had his best college season as a sophomore when he hit .306 with an .859 OPS.  His lack of improvement the last two seasons doesn’t bode well for his prospects as a pro.

23rd round pick LHP Andrew Leenhouts had 87 Ks in 91.2 IP for Northeastern this year and 282 Ks in 277 IP in his four year college career.  He also had his best college season as a sophomore.

24th round pick CF Andrew Cain hit .322 with a .939 OPS.  He’s yet another college senior, but he was slightly better this year than last when he was the Brewers’ 12th round pick.

25th round pick C Sam Eberle hit .359 with a 1.048 OPS for Jacksonville State.  The Giants selected a huge number of college seniors in the later rounds this year. He hit .328 with a .982 OPS in four years as a starter — strange that he was apparently not drafted last year as a junior.

26th round pick LHP Mason McVay struck out 72 batters in 64.1 IP this year for Florida International.

27th round pick LHP Chris Fern had a fine junior year at Union College in Kentucky, but may not have enough arm for pro ball.

29th round pick OF Shayne Houck hit .329 with a 1.061 OPS for Kutztown U, the school where the Giants once found Ryan Vogelsong.  I wonder if it was the same scout who recommended both of them.

Houck hit .382 with a 1.198 OPS in 2011, hit a ridiculous .449 in 2010 and hit .390 as a freshman in 2009.  Kutztown is low-level league powerhouse and a great place to hit, but Houck clearly has some talent, as he’s been the team’s most productive hitter each of the last four seasons.

31st round pick RHP Jason Forjet had a good year at Florida Gulf Coast.  33rd round pick RHP Brandon Farley has a live arm but isn’t much of a pitcher yet.

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4 Comments on “San Francisco Giants 2012 Draft Picks: Day 3”

  1. Stan Metzger Says:

    Metzger was the steal of the draft for SF. He played in a ballpark with 348 down both lines and was the only hitter in the Big West or any visiting team to put two out the past four years. He was the leadoff hitter as a starter the past four years and was HBP 54 times in his career. Defensively he is as good as anyone in the organization. He also hit over forty doubles in his career, a lot of them the wall at 380 plus feet. The only Giant with more speed may be Gary Brown. Keep an eye out for him, you may be surprised!!

  2. Burly Says:

    I hope you’re right. As a 22nd round draft pick out of colllege, though, Metzger will have to earn everything he gets in professional baseball.

    One thing I failed to take into account in my comments on the Giants’ draft picks is the fact that the aluminum bats used in college were re-designed before the 2011 season to make them behave more like wood bats (the main effect is a much shorter sweet spot on the bat). There has been a huge drop in HRs since the change was made, with a resultant drop in overall offense.

  3. Stan Metzger Says:

    He has always earned everything on the baseball field. He expects a fair shot and knows he needs to produce.He and Matt Duffy are both ready for the challenge. They played one of the toughest schedules in D-1 the past three years. We will see if that pays any dividends. By the way, they both hit much better with wood than that sorry product the NCAA stuck them with last year. Guess time will tell. Thanks for your response.

  4. Burly Says:

    Thanks for your comments. My post was brief and largely stats driven, so any background information that gives greater meaning to the numbers is greatly appreciated. If he runs and plays defense as well as you say, Brennan’s got a real shot at having a successful professional career, given his proven ability to get on base.

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