That’s Baseball

A classic game in Cincinnati tonight.  Aroldis Chapman allowed his first earned run of the season (2nd run) after one of the more remarkable streaks in recent memory, and lost the game in the 1oth inning.  He’s now 4-1 with a 0.30 ERA and a pitching line of 30 IP, 9 hits and 9 walks allowed and 54 Ks.  Wow!

It’s exciting to see the Reds and Pirates battling it out for first place.  It brings back memories of the 1970’s, when both teams were contenders almost every year.  Meanwhile, only about 23,000 fans attended tonight’s classic.  It was a Thursday game, but even so…

The A’s designated 4-A 1Bman Kila Ka’aihue for assignment today.  No surprise there — he had put in his usual mediocre performance as a major leaguer.  Don’t be surprised if he’s signed/acquired by a Japanese team before the 2012 season is out — he’s almost a perfect fit for NPB.

Now another 4-A player Brandon Moss gets a shot.  Good luck to him, but it’s tough to establish yourself as a major league hitter playing as a part-timer in Oakland, with the Coliseum still one of the worst hitters’ parks in MLB.

Another of my favorite 4-A players Cody Ransom broke his streak today of playing in nine different major league seasons without once accumulating 100 plate appearances in any of them.  At age 36 this year, he must be thrilled to finally hit this milestone, if he’s even aware of it.

Glad to see that R.A. Dickey won again today.  He’s a great story, and it’s been too long since the majors had a great, aged knuckleballer.  I kept waiting for Tim Wakefield to develop into the next Phil Niekro or Wilbur Wood, but it never quite happened — instead, he ended up being the next Charlie Hough.

Anyway, major league baseball needs at least one ace knuckleballer at any given time, if only to flummox professional hitters who can sting 95 mph fastballs.

Also, glad to see both Norichicka Aoki and Brian LaHair having great seasons, as glad as I am to see that both Mike Trout and Bryce Harper are the real deal.  Aoki looked to me as the type of Japanese player who would succeed in the U.S. (high on-base percentage), and LaHair was a 4-A player who really improved with the bat the last few years.  Both Milwaukee and Chicago are great places to hit in the summer time, which helps position players establish themselves as major leaguers.

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