Final Thoughts on the Giants’ Second World Championship in Three Years

Now the 2010-2012 Giants will be remembered as something of a minor dynasty.  Who’d have thunk it?

In truth, the 2012 Giants were not the most talented team in San Francisco Giants history, but I don’t think many teams in baseball history have done a better job of keeping an even keel and buying in to the team concept.  Many Giants’ teams had more offense, and the 2010 team had better pitching, I think. However, the Giants’ defensive alignment in the post-season this year was the best I can remember since becoming a fan in 1978.

The 2012 Giants never lost confidence in themselves and seemed to enjoy the experience throughout, regardless of how many games they were down against the Reds and the Cardinals.  Even the young players (Posey, Crawford and Belt) had the poise of grizzled veterans throughout the games.

Obviously, the pitching will be remembered the most, and the pitchers Barry Zito, Tim Lincecum, Sergio Romo and Brian Wilson are the ones I think most typified the 2012 team.

In 2010, Lincecum was the ace, and Zito was left off the post-season rosters entirely.  Even so, Zito continued to train throughout the 2010 post-season in case some one got hurt.

In 2012, Zito had finished the season much stronger and deserved to be the one left in the starting rotation (you have to ride the hot hand in baseball).  Lincecum, not far removed from his two Cy Young awards and his 2010 post-season dominance, not only accepted being relegated to the bullpen, but seemed to take complete ownership of that new role.  His relief pitching turned out to be exceptionally valuable to the Giants.

Anything can happen in a short series, and it’s not exactly sporting to kick the Yankees while they’re down.  Even so, it’s hard to imagine the highly paid stars of the current Yankees’ roster so willingly accepting giving up their starting roles for the benefit of the team, the way Zito did in 2010 and Lincecum did in 2012.  Joe Girardi’s reported call to the Yankees’ press box to have the Yankee’s field announcer not announce that Alex Rodriguez was coming out for a pinch hitter pretty much says it all.

Romo and Wilson have been the heart of the Giants’ bullpen the last three years, and both are playful, fun-loving guys who help keep everyone else loose.  Wilson was injured all year, but he still made his presence felt in the dug-out with his tremendous enthusiasm and playfulness.  Romo seemed to appreciate the thrill of being back in the World Series at least as much as any other player on the team.

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2 Comments on “Final Thoughts on the Giants’ Second World Championship in Three Years”

  1. Bill Vogel Says:

    In fielding, they focused for the team. In batting, they were patient for the team. In pitching, they were strategic for the team. In winning, they clearly were a team. Thanks for the good report! (From the “Flying Squirrels’ ” corner of the U.S.A.)

  2. rnishi Says:

    Great post. What a fun ride it was this year! Agreed, there have been Giants teams that did other individual things better (more power, better pitching, etc), but this group was easily the most resilient and cohesive. I posted something on my blog about their magical run as well (the post entitled “Big Enough”) that you might enjoy.
    Rob N

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