Todd Frazier the Next Chris Sabo?

The only thing surprising about this year’s rookie of the year awards was that the race in the NL between Bryce Harper and Wade Miley was so close.  No knock on Miley and the great season he had, but he’s six full years older than Harper, and there’s no way he faced as much pressure as Harper did, both as baseball’s anointed one and also playing on a play-off team.

While there’s something to be said for simply voting for the player who qualifies as a rookie under the rules and who had the best season using reasonably objective criteria, everyone knows that Harper is the most promising rookie in the National League by an enormous margin.

Would you trade Harper at this moment for both Miley and third place finisher Todd Frazier?  I sure wouldn’t, and I’d bet you couldn’t find one general manager who would.  You might make the deal if you also received fourth place finisher Wilin Rosario, because he’s at least a couple of years younger than either Miley or Frazier.

On the subject of Todd Frazier, he looks for all the world like the next Chris Sabo.  For those who don’t remember Sabo, he was the 1988 NL Rookie of the Year as a 26-year old 3Bman for the Cincinnati Reds.  Sabo had a .728 OPS his rookie season, compared to Frazier’s .829 OPS this season, but Sabo provided a lot more defense at the hot corner.

26 year old rookies (excluding old Negro Leaguers or Japanese stars), no matter how good their first season, rarely go on to become major stars.  Sabo had a few more good years (1990, when the Reds won the World Series, 1991 and 1993), but his major league career ended at age 34 with fewer than 1,000 career hits.  I’ll be surprised if Todd Frazier does substantially better.

In a completely unrelated final note, the Giants have just signed lefty reliever Jeremy Affeldt to a three year deal for approximately $18 million, another indication that this is going to be a great, great off-season for free agents.  By way of comparison, Affeldt’s two previous free agent contracts were two-year deals that promised him, respectively, $4 million and $4.75 million per year.

Affeldt has put up a few more good years, but he’s now also a few years past the age of 31.  His new contract is generous, but not at all out of line with prior few contracts we’ve seen this off-season.  It makes you wonder how much Josh Hamilton and Zack Greinke are going to get.

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