San Francisco Giants Sign Andres Torres

The Giants signed Andres Torres, whom they had traded to the Mets for Angel Pagan a year ago, to a one-year $2 million contract for 2013.  It’s another sign that the Giants are going to try to win in 2013 the same way they won in 2012 — around pitching, defense and team chemistry.

Torres had his career year in 2010, when he was a big part of San Francisco’s first World Series victory.  He’s clearly not going to have a season like 2010 again, but he makes a great fourth or fifth outfielder, given his excellent defense and his ability to get on base and run.

During his first stint as a Giant, I was impressed with Torres’ professionalism.  He made few mistakes on the field, took advantage of in-game opportunities, and generally carried himself with quiet dignity.

I have no reason to believe that Torres wasn’t popular in the clubhouse, and my understanding is that the Giants traded him to the Mets simply because the Giants thought that Pagan, who is younger, would be an upgrade in center field, at least with the bat.  The fact that the Giants are bringing Torres back at the first opportunity is obviously a sign that they traded him in the first place because they wanted Pagan, not because they wanted to rid themselves of Torres.

The biggest knock on Torres is that his skill set is pretty much the same as Gregor Blanco, another player who is really a fourth outfielder.  However, unlike Blanco, who bats left, Torres is a switch hitter who hits better from the right side of the plate (career .743 OPS right-handed v. .696 OPS left-handed).

Assuming the Giants plan to carry a fifth outfielder in 2013, what they need now is a right-handed hitter with some power.  This could mean the Giants will look to bring back Xavier Nady as a low cost option, or perhaps they’d be willing to spend more money and try to sign someone like Scott Hairston.

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3 Comments on “San Francisco Giants Sign Andres Torres”

  1. Bill Vogel Says:

    Wondering if they’d bring up 24 y/o Gary Brown from the AA Richmond (Va.) Flying Squirrels? CF, bats right, hitting is improving (OPS, 731), HR – 7, but we’ve got major league fences (403′ and 330′ on sides), VERY impressive on the base paths (SB – 33). Your take?

    • Burly Says:

      He needs time at AAA Fresno. Brown was a 1st Round draft pick and Richmond is a tough place to hit, but a .731 OPS in AA ball is not going to convince any team that a player should go straight to the majors and skip AAA entirely.

      Also, Brown needs to improve as a base stealer. Yes, he stole 33 bases in 2012, but he got caught 18 times. A player needs to have a success rate at a minimum over 70% to have real value as a base stealer.

      Fresno and the Pacific Coast League in general are great places for hitters, but it’s still a step up in talent from the AA Eastern League. I think that the best case scenario is that Brown plays 60 or 70 games at AAA Fresno and then gets called up.

  2. Burly Says:

    11/14/12: Xavier Nady has reportedly signed with the Kansas City Royals, and the San Francisco Chronicle’s Henry Schulman writes that the Giants considered Cody Ross, Reed Johnson and Scott Hairston, but decided they were either too expensive or didn’t provide enough defense.

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