Chicago Cubs Sign Edwin Jackson

The Cubs reached agreement on a four-year $52 million deal with starting right-hander Edwin Jackson.  It seems like an awful lot of money for pitcher who has never won more than 14 games in a season, never had a single season ERA lower than 3.62, and has a career 70-71 record and 4.40 career ERA.

That being said, fangraphs values Jackson’s performance over the last four seasons at a total of $61.1 million.  Jackson will be age 29 through 32 for the four years of the contract, so barring an injury, he’s reasonably likely to provide the same performance level over the next four years as he did the last four.

Jackson’s contract says a lot about how high major league salaries have risen, how much offense is in the game today, and how the increased use of relief pitchers has radically changed expectations about what kind of numbers a starting pitcher should provide.

Jackson is a solid No. 3 starter who pitches roughly 200 innings a year.  That’s apparently worth $52 million over four years in today’s game.

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