Baseball Is a Weird Game

Despite all the games that have been played and all the games teams play is a season, baseball can still surprise.  I’m not a huge fan of Jayson Stark (Barry Bonds bad, Roger Clemens good, until, whoops!, Clemens also likely used steroids), but this article is right up my alley.

Comments:  When a team sucks ass, it is not surprising that they play better after September call-ups when they start playing young players who at least have a reasonable chance of being better than the losers who posted a sub-.333 record up to that point.

It is surprising that the Mets never threw a no-hitter in their history until 2012, given the team has always pitched in a pitchers’ park and had Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman and Dwight Gooden in their primes.  Not surprising that Johan Santana was the pitcher to finally get the Mets off the Schneid.

Gregor Blanco’s save of Matt Cain’s perfect game?  That and Blanco’s on-base percentage were the reasons why Blanco was playing a corner outfield position in the first place.  Did you see the World Series?

As for Adam Dunn, he is the epitome of the money-ball player.  Statistical analysis has shown that players who draw walks and hit for power can be valuable even if they hit for a low batting average and strike out a tremendous amount.  Dunn wasn’t great in 2012, but he still scored 87 runs and drove in 96 runs, even though (1) he hit .204; (2) struck out 222 times; and (3) ran like a slug.

When I was a kid, I collected baseball cards, and some of the cards I appreciated the most were those that set forth the new records set every season.  There is always something new in major league baseball, despite all the years of play.

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