Buster Posey’s Next Contract

Here’s a great piece from Matt Swartz on mlbtraderumors.com regarding his prediction that Buster Posey will make $5.9 million through the arbitration process in 2013.  Swartz readily admits that projections are tough because few players have Posey’s resume: one Rookie of the Year and one MVP award, two World Series titles, but fewer career plate appearances than most top players eligible for arbitration for the first time because of his 2011 injury.

I, however, will be very surprised if Posey and the Giants get anywhere near an actual arbitration hearing.  Instead, all signs suggest that Posey will sign a multi-year deal this off-season.

As far as I am aware, the relationship between Posey and the Giants is one big love-fest.  It is hard to imagine how it could be otherwise.

Posey is a franchise player, who, as they say in baseball, wouldn’t say sh** if he had a mouthful.  He has the awards, the World Series rings, and he’s still hasn’t reached his 26th birthday.  That’s the kind of player any team would want to lock up, at least through his remaining arbitration seasons.

Meanwhile, it seems highly likely that Posey is just as thrilled to be a Giant.  Two World Series rings in three seasons is something most players can only dream about.

Also, the Giants have a history of compensating Posey.  When the Giants selected Posey with the fifth pick of the 2008 Draft, they gave him a $6.2 million signing bonus, the largest signing bonus in Giants’ history and the largest signing bonus given to any player selected in the 2008 Draft.  [Pedro Alvarez, who was selected with the second pick, eventually re-negotiated his deal with the Pirates for a little more after he had initially agreed to less than what the Giants gave Posey].

The Giants have also given Posey relatively generous pre-arbitration raises, although Posey has earned them and more.

In short, it seems like all the pieces are in place for a deal similar to last off-season’s multi-year deal with Matt Cain: a deal in which Posey gets slightly (but only slightly) less than he’d get on the open market, but still guarantees to make him a very, very wealthy man.

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One Comment on “Buster Posey’s Next Contract”

  1. Burly Says:

    1/18/13: Posey and the Giants reportedly reached agreement on a one-year $8 million contract to avoid arbitration, considerably more than Matt Swartz predicted. Not entirely surprising — the Giants and Brian Sabean are usually pretty good about rewarding the players who perform for them.

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