Why Fix What Isn’t Broken

I saw an article on Sports Illustrated’s news wire today that says that major league baseball as of the 2013 season is banning the fake pick-off move to third and then turn to first, a move which I’ve never seen actually work and which I doubt few, if any fans, have ever seen actually work.  You know the move I’m taking about: with runners on first and third, the pitcher bluffs a throw to third and then turns to see if the runner on first has been tricked into leaning the wrong way off first base.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen the pitcher even make a throw to first, let alone catch the runner leaning the wrong way.

This move will now be called a balk, which invites the question, why change a rule on a play that never catches anyone anyway?  The players’ association vetoed an attempt by the owners to change the rule a year ago, but under the collective bargaining agreement, the owners could wait a year and then change the rule unilaterally.  The owners felt strongly enough about it that they damn well changed the rule.

Next, the owners will be banning the fake pick-off move to second base and fining players who step out of the box to adjust their cups.  Yeesh!

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