The Latest on the Biogenesis PEDs Scandal

The New York Times and others report today that the player alleged to have purchased documents from Biogenesis America in order to destroy them and thus hide his performance enhancing drug use is Alex Rodriguez.  No surprise there.

Needless to say, Rodriguez’s spokesperson (not the man himself) immediately denied the allegations completely.

The story as reported reads like a future episode of TV’s Law and Order (you heard it here first).  Michael Porter Fischer, Biogenesis’s former marketing director, had invested $20,000 in the company.  He later had a falling-out with Biogenesis founder and front man Tony Bosch.  Fischer demanded his money back, plus a $4,000 profit.

Bosch reportedly repaid the $20,000 investment only.  Sources say that it was Fischer who leaked documents to the Miami New Times, who originally broke the scandal story back in January.

The claim is that ARod, through a middle man (perhaps AFraud’s favorite cousin and bagman Yuri Surcat?) gave Bosch $4,000 for Bosch to give to Fischer to shut his mouth and turn over documents.  Sources say several burly goons located Fischer, threatened him, gave him the $4,000 and took away some documents.  [Note to organized crime wannabees: combining death threats with a modest, but not insignificant, bribe seems like a good way to get a potential witness’ “cooperation” so long as you convince said potential witness that you can get to him or his family if he goes to the cops or otherwise spills the beans.]

Anyway, sources say that MLB’s representatives spoke with Fischer, but that Fischer didn’t give them much information.  According to, reporters have gone to the home in Coral Gables Fischer once shared with is mother and sister.  His sister, a former high school classmate of Tony Bosch, said that Fischer abandoned the home last fall, telling the sister, “Whatever you do, don’t answer the door or nothing!”  Thoughtfully, Fischer left behind his two rottweilers and 300 pounds of dog food when he fled the home.

I’m telling you — throw in a murder, and you’ve got a semi-true crime TV episode!  Unless, of course, it’s all too comical and ridiculous for a believable crime drama.

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