San Francisco Giants Select Ryder Jones in 2nd Round

With their second round 2013 draft pick, the 64th overall, the Giants selected another high school position player, SS/3B Ryder Jones.  After ranking Jones as the 37th best high school prospect a couple of months ago, Baseball America in May ranked him 197th among players eligible for this year’s draft. does not have him listed as one of their top 100.  Once again, the Giants apparently think they’ve seen something others have missed.

Jones played shortstop in high school, but because of his slow foot speed, he is expected to be developed as a 3Bman in the pros or in college.  Jones also pitched in high school and has a low 90’s fastball and a good breaking pitch.  He might pitch a little if he attends Stanford, the college to which he has committed, but probably not if he signs a professional contract. lists Jones as 6’3″ and 185 lbs.  He bats left-handed.  He turns 19 tomorrow, which means he’s a year older than most of the high school players being drafted today through Saturday.  For what it’s worth, Gatorade named him their 2013 North Carolina baseball player of the year.

You can see video of Jones here.  I’m not particularly impressed.  What he does with his front leg on his swing looks awkward, and he looks slow.  Maybe this is a stealth pick, and the Giants plan to develop him as a pitcher (he struck out 63 in 40.1 IP).

Perhaps tomorrow’s draft picks will look more promising.

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One Comment on “San Francisco Giants Select Ryder Jones in 2nd Round”

  1. Burly Says:

    Jim Callis of Baseball America reports that Ryder Jones received a $880,000 signing bonus from the Giants, $8,000 over slot, so that Jones would forgo playing college ball at Stanford. I sure hope the Giants know something that no one else in baseball does, although that doesn’t seem likely.

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