San Francisco Giants 2013 Draft Picks Day 3: Rounds 11-25

As we get to the later rounds of the 2013 MLB Draft, I’ll try to keep the descriptions brief.  You can find the full list of Giants’ draft picks here on

In rounds 11 through 25, the Giants continued to draft primarily college players with only three of these fifteen selections coming out high school.

11th Round (342nd overall)Johneshwy Vargas CF. describes Vargas as one of the best high school prospects out of Puerto Rico this year.  He’s a toolsy player, who runs well, covering above-average ground in center field, and has a strong throwing arm.  However, his hitting reportedly needs work.

12th Round (372)Ty Ross C, LSU.  A three-year starter behind the plate for LSU because of his defense, Ross wasn’t any kind of hitter his junior year, batting only .209/.291/.270 in 2013.  However, Ross hit considerably better as a sophomore (.292/.357/.384).  Given how low he was selected in this year’s draft, Ross might be best served by returning to LSU for his senior season to see if he can improve his hitting at this level before moving on to the pros.

13th Round (402) — Pat Young RHP, Villanova. This tall young right-hander (6’7″ and 208 lbs) has a good arm but needs to learn how to pitch.  He struck out 166 in 208 career college innings pitched, but he allowed a lot of hits and walks, leaving him with a 4.76 ERA.  He pitched well in a relief role in the Cape Cod League last summer.  He throws mostly fastball and slider and is expected to be a reliever in professional baseball unless he can develop some additional pitches.

14th Round (432)Nick Jones LHP, Chattahoochee Valley CC. identifies Jones, a 21 year old junior college player, as a left-handed pitcher, and he struck out 35 while walking only six and allowing 16 hits in 24.2 relief innings pitched this year.  However, Jones also hit .393/.514/.636 as the CVCC Pirates’ starting 1Bman, leading the team in all three categories.  He’s a big boy, listed at 6’5″ and 230 lbs.

15th Round (462)Geno Escalante C, Mt. Olive College.  A college senior from a NCAA Division II powerhouse (Mt. Olive lost its last two games in tournament play to finish the season 48-8), Escalante batted .353/.453/.625, leading the Trojans in slugging percentage.  Escalante appears to have started his college career at Cal State Fullerton, but presumably transferred to Mt. Olive to get more playing time.

16th Round (492)Jonah Arenado 3B.  A high schooler out of Southern California, So Cal Preps says he was one of the best defensive high school shortstops in the country entering the 2013 season.  However, lists him as a 3Bman, suggesting the pros don’t see him remaining at shortstop.  If he doesn’t sign with the Giants, he is expected to go to junior college.  However, the Giants apparently think he’s interested in starting his pro career right away.

17th Round (522)Rene Melendez C.  Another Puerto Rican high schooler, says Melendez has “good catch and throw skills and very good potential with the bat.”  For what it’s worth, Melendez was one of eight catchers selected to the Rawlings/Perfect Game Canada/Puerto Rico All High School Senior First Team.

18th Round (552)Christian Jones LHP, Oregon.  A college senior who missed all of the 2012 season due to Tommy John surgery after a very promising sophomore season in 2011, Jones pitched effectively in relief in 2013, striking out 20 batters in 23.1 IP and posting a 3.42 ERA.  He looks to have a lot of upside for player selected this late in the draft.

19th Round (582)Garrett Hughes LHP, Stanford.  Another lefty college senior, Hughes did not pitch in his sophomore year as a result of a foot injury and only threw 25.1 innings last year as a junior.  This year, he was terrific for the Cardinal, posting a 2.08 ERA over 24 relief appearances and striking out 36 batters in 34.2 innings pitched.

Hughes is a little wild, but he looks like another great pick for this late in the draft. He doesn’t turn 22 until late August, and he’s another big boy at 6’8″ and 245 lbs.

20th Round (612)Brett Kay SS, Illinois State.  Another college senior, Kay looks small for a professional player at 5’11” and 165 lbs.  However, he had a big senior season with the bat, hitting .301/.409/.412, after doing little at the plate his previous three college seasons.  He looks like a low minors roster-filler, but you never know.

21st Round (642)William Simpson RHP, Seminole State College (OK).  I’m not entirely sure who this player is: the school lists the player as Caleb Simpson, and he played catcher for the team, apparently not pitching at all in 2013.  However, he has been recruited to play for the Oklahoma Sooners in 2014, and they identify him as a pitcher.  He sounds to me like a guy who will pitch for the Sooners next year, rather than signing a professional contract this summer.

22nd Round (672)Ethan Miller RHP, San Diego State.  A college senior who finally appeared to gain control over good stuff in 2013, Miller had a 3.28 ERA in 2013 with 52 Ks and 23 walks allowed in 49.1 IP.  If his new-found command is for real, he looks like another good pick for this far down in the draft.

23rd Round (702)Brandon Zajac LHP, Cleveland State CC.  Zajac pitched briefly, but poorly for Tennessee in 2012, and he apparently agreed with Tennessee’s coaches that he’d be better served spending a year pitching in Junior College ball in order to get more innings and opportunities. At Cleveland State, Zajac remained erratic but promising.  He had a 3.30 ERA and struck out 89 while allowing only 50 hits in 71 innings pitched, but he also walked 45.  We’ll see if he decides to turn pro for small money or go back to Tennessee for 2014.

24th Round (732)Nick Gonzalez LHP, South Florida.  After pitching well in relief in 2012, Gonzalez was moved into South Florida’s starting rotation in 2013, and he pitched fairly well, posting a 3.63 ERA with a pitching line of 86.2 IP, 76 hits and 37 walks allowed and 77 strikeouts.

25th Round ( 762)Blake Miller SS, Western Oregon.  Miller played two years at Sacramento State in 2010 and 2011, and he hit fairly well his second season, at least for a middle infielder.  However, he transferred to Western Oregon State, his home town school.  He hit .372/.457/.528 in 2013 and even better the year before.  However, he’s already 23 years old, which definitely hurts him as a prospect.

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One Comment on “San Francisco Giants 2013 Draft Picks Day 3: Rounds 11-25”

  1. KG Says:

    I didn’t really give it much thought at the time, but looking back over the Giants draft this summer, they really snagged an interesting group of catchers. No frontline guys, obviously, but the three mentioned here, as well as the surprising late signing of John Riley, make for an interesting group. I was impressed with Geno Escalante’s numbers in S-K this summer, but had no idea of his Division II accolades. Only one error all season! Of the group, I would peg Escalante and Riley as the backstops to watch going forward. With Posey and Sanchez in SF, and Andrew Susac working his way up, this is still a very deep position for the organization. Thanks for the draft write-ups!

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