Sometimes You Have to Play the Percentages

I just looked at tonight’s Giants-Diamondbacks game.  Two outs in the 8th with Jeremy Affeldt, a lefty, facing Paul Goldschmidt, a right-handed hitter.  Affeldt had gotten two men out in the inning, but pitching against Goldschmidt without the platoon advantage seemed like a bad idea.

I looked it up.  Through 2012, Goldschmidt has a career .996 OPS against lefties, but only .769 against righties.  This year, however, he’s 1.031 against righties and .975 against lefties.  In short, he’s become a very dangerous hitter…

I looked at the box score agaibn.  Goldschmidt has taken Affeldt deep for a 3-run homer, and the Giants’ 1-0 lead into the 8th has turned into a 3-1 deficit with one turn at bat to go for the G-men.

Next time, Affeldt strikes Goldschmidt out.  That’s baseball.

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One Comment on “Sometimes You Have to Play the Percentages”

  1. Burly Says:

    3-1 final. To quote Seattle Pilots’ manager Joe Schultz, aah f*&%sh$#!

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