Big Arm: The Legend of Yasiel Puig Grows

Sports Illustrated has a great piece today on a throw rookie right fielder Yasiel Puig gunning down the speedy Andrelton Simmons trying to go from first to third on a base hit to right with a no hop throw right into 3Bman Luis Cruz‘s mitt.  The article also provides video of beautiful right field to third base throws from Ichiro in 2001, Jeff Francouer in 2011 and Bo Jackson in 1993.  It also links to video of Puig gunning out a base runner at first base for a double play a few days ago.

Roberto Clemente was before my time.  The best right field arms I remember from my youth were the Red Sox’ Dwight Evans and the Blue Jays/Yankees Jesse Barfield, both of whom used a classic over-the-top motion to throw line-drive bullets to the bases on balls hit into the right field corner.  Here is some video of Clemente (you have to get about 1:25 to see the throws), Evans and Barfield.  The Barfield video is probably the best.

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