Giants Notes

The McCovey Chronicles has a nice list of the Giants 2013 draft picks to have signed already.  The players already inked are Ryder Jones (2nd round), Brandon Bednar (7th), Tyler Horan (8th), Nick Jones (14th), Geno Escalante (15th) and Brett Kay (20th).

Unfortunately, no information is provided in terms of the signing bonuses each received.  This is particularly important with respect to Ryder Jones, a player who Baseball America and others had as a fifth or sixth round talent.  MLB’s slot value for the 64th overall pick is $872,100.

Jones had some leverage, since he had a scholarship to attend Stanford in his back pocket.  Even so, the pick only makes sense if the Giants signed him for somewhere between $500,000 and $600,000 (essentially mid- to low 3rd round money), and plan to use the surplus to sign some of the good high school players committed to colleges whom the Giants drafted in the last ten rounds on Day 3. reported Jones’ signing more than a day ago, but has yet to provide the bonus amount as it has for many other top draftees.  The Giants like to keep this kind of information to themselves for as long as they can, but I think a lot of serious Giants fans would really like to know just what Jones signed for, since taking Jones in the 2nd round is otherwise pretty mystifying.

Meanwhile, George Kontos has been suspended for three games for plunking Andrew McCutchen in the back in last night’s Giants-Pirates game after both teams were warned following three previous hit by pitches in the game.  After the game, the Giants sent Kontos down to the minors, which means that he won’t serve his suspension until/if he gets called up again.

This is a terrible break for Kontos, given that a three-game suspension may well be a factor in any future decision by the Giants to re-call him to San Francisco.  When teams call up a pitcher, it’s usually because they need another pitcher right away.  If someone else is pitching nearly as well at AAA Fresno, why wouldn’t the Giants choose the pitcher who doesn’t have to sit out three games first?  Today has to be just about the worst birthday in George Kontos’ young life.

Meanwhile, Marco Scutaro’s left pinkie finger was pinned against the bat on one of the earlier HBPs.  The Giants’ website reports that Scutaro is determined to keep playing, once the the pain and swelling subside.  However, his injury is described as “mallet finger” which involves tendon damage, and other sources say he could be out for as much as six to eight weeks.

Meanwhile, Barry Zito got hammered again today in Pittsburgh (eight runs, all earned, in 4.2 innings of work).  Zito now has a road ERA this year of 11.29 in five starts.  It’s even worse than it looks — his run average is 14.51.  Needless to say, the Giants are 0-4 in Zito’s road starts and losing tonight’s game 10-4 in the bottom of the sixth.

The good news, such as it is, is that even if the Giants lose tonight and the Diamondbacks beat the Dodgers in Los Angeles, the Giants will still be only three games back in the NL West.  Be thankful for small blessings.

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