Gotta Love the Yankee’s Impatience or Hindsight is 20/20

After breaking his ankle in the 2012 post-season and missing the first 91 games of the Yankees’ 2013 season, 39 year old Derek Jeter returned today after only four minor league rehabilitation games and — can you see were this is going ? — came out in the 8th inning after straining a quadriceps muscle.

After as serious an injury as Jeter suffered at his age, would any other team in MLB let this player return after this little minor league rehabilitation?  Probably not.  But the New York media is what it is, and the Yankees are who they are.  Any NY team has to WIN NOW!

Jeter went 1-for-9 in his four games at AAA Scranton/Wilkes-Barre with four walks and two strikeouts.  Well, that’s enough to rush Jeter back into the Yankees’ line-up — there’s a pennant to win, a 50,000-seat stadium to fill and a 20 million potential market to sate with televised games… Can’t let our $20 million-a-year geezer actually recover fully when there’s all this at stake.

O.K.  Maybe Jeter’s injury is minor, and he’ll be in the line-up tomorrow.  Maybe he would have hurt himself at AAA trying to beat out a swinging bunt down the third base line…

When you’ve got a player this important and this expensive, doesn’t it make sense to give him a meaningful opportunity to recover fully before you rush him back into the line-up?  The other teams in MLB have a chance in part because the Yankees are always so impatient to win now.

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