Korean Women Love Baseball

According to this cnn article, attendance by women is growing for South Korea’s Korean Baseball Organization (“KBO”) and now amounts to as much as 45% of all attendance.  This is good news indeed in an otherwise bad attendance year for the KBO.

Through the 2012 season, the KBO set total and per game attendance records four years in a row, reaching seven million fans in attendance last year.  This year, per game attendance is down significantly, although total attendance may be higher due to the addition of an expansion team, the NC Dinos, the circuit’s ninth team.

We’ll see whether the slump in attendance is just a temporary blip on the radar screen.  KBO attendance this year has reportedly been hurt by the Korean national team’s failure to make it past the first round of this spring’s World Baseball Classic, after being the tournament’s runner-up in 2009.  Expect attendance to jump if the national team does better in the 2017 Classic.

Also in the news this week, the New York Times is reporting that South Korea’s government has gotten into the match-making business because of the country’s extremely low birth rate.  You can see where this is going?

There’s obviously a synergy here between what’s good for the KBO and what the South Korean government thinks is good for South Korean society.  Clearly, Singles Nights with government support and/or publicity would be a natural for the KBO.  You would have to think that KBO teams are holding these kinds of promotions already, but, needless to say, the extent to which the KBO can get government subsidies or at least free and heavy media coverage promoted by the government can only be good for the league.

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One Comment on “Korean Women Love Baseball”

  1. MackDaddy Says:

    Korean women like to make “boom boom” and want to come to the Land of the Giant PX… I’ve bought a few of ’em cokes too. Was it the bat? The balls? Or the split-finger fast ball? Maybe all of ’em. BUT WHO’S THE BEST TEAM IN BASEBALL, BABY?! That’s right: THE Pittsburgh PI-RATES!!!! See you soon, over a mug o’ Iron City, Burly!!

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