San Francisco Giants Sign Tim Lincecum for Two Years and $35 Million

The Giants today reportedly signed Tim Lincecum to the two-year deal the team wanted, but for a relatively large $35 million which got Lincecum’s John Hancock on the bottom line without his testing the free agent market.  I commented a few days ago that a one-year deal or a three-year deal made more sense for Lincecum, but I don’t think anyone can argue that contract total is awfully good for the last two seasons The Freak put up. speculated a couple of weeks ago that Lincecum would get a three-year deal for around $30 million total if he went on the open market.  Clearly, a two-year deal makes a lot of sense if you get the same money anyone else would likely have given you for three seasons.

Giants’ fans won’t be sorry to hear the Giants resigned Timmy given his popularity in the Bay Area, at least not until he shows that his 2012 and 2013 seasons were what we can expect going forward.  My only concern about the deal is the extent to which the large annual amounts to be paid to Lincecum make it less likely the Giants will be in on the Masahiro Tanaka sweepstakes, if he is indeed posted this off-season.

However, if Tanaka is posted this off-season and Kenta Maeda also gets posted this off-season, I wouldn’t be sorry the see the Giants take a flyer on Tanaka and sign up Maeda for a bargain price, at least compared to the $120+ million  posting fee and contract it will take to sign Tanaka.  It would certainly be interesting to see if the Giants could catch lightning in a bottle a second time with another small but talented right-hander.

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