Brett Pill Going to South Korea? reports that the San Francisco Giants reached a deal with the Korean Baseball Organization’s (“KBO”) Kia Tigers to sell 1B/LF Brett Pill‘s rights for $500,000.  However, the Kia Tigers and Pill have not yet reached agreement on a possible contract.

As most serious Giants’ fans probably know, Pill is a classic 4-A player.  He’s a good right-handed hitter who developed late and with not quite enough power or walks to be a successful major leaguer.  Over the last three seasons, he’s accumulated 259 major league plate appearances with an overall .233/.279./404 line.  He turned 29 last September.

If Pill can make the adjustments to playing in Asia quickly, he’ll hit for average and power.  He reminds me a lot of Craig Brazell who has had a successful career in Japan’s NPB the last five years.  Brazell is a left-handed hitter and has a little more power and a slightly lower on-base percentage, but otherwise they provide the same kind of offensive production.

Pill apparently drew some interest from other major league organizations this off-season, but not the kind that resulted in significant trade offers.  Pill’s best career options are definitely in Asia, given his age and talent level/skill set.  As someone who’s been watching Pill the last few years in the Giants’ organization, I’m hoping Kia convinces him to play in the KBO and he gets off to a good start there so he can have a successful/financially rewarding career.

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