San Francisco Bay Area Baseball News

The Giants’ Pablo Sandoval is reported by Yahoo News to have lost 42 pounds this post-season back home in Venezuela.  His agent must really have gotten onto the treadmill with Panda to keep him running!  I have to say, however, that I’ll wait to see how Pablo looks in Spring Training before I’m convinced the Round Mound of Pound has really gotten himself into shape for his contract year.

Here’s another Yahoo News article on the retirement of former Oakland A’s pitcher Dallas BradenBraden is most famous for his 2010 perfect game and his confrontation two and a half weeks earlier when he shouted at Alex Rodriguez after ARod stomped on the pitcher’s rubber on the way back to the dugout.

Although Braden is still only 30 years old, a recent MRI showed that his left shoulder is pretty much shredded from his pitching days.  Braden doesn’t seem to have a lot of regrets, however, and the article says he’s contemplating future careers in coaching and broadcasting.

As a final note, the Baltimore Orioles just signed one of my favorite Giants’ minor leaguers, Brock Bond, to a minor league contract for 2014.  Bond is a poor defensive infielder with no power and now age 28, but his on-base percentages at AA Connecticut in 2009 (.429), and AAA Fresno in 2011 and 2012 (.397 and .422) were major league all the way.

Bond had a terrible season in 2013.  He was hurt and started the year at Class A+ San Jose and didn’t play well enough to get promoted back to AAA Fresno.  I’m hoping he can get his career back on track with a new organization in 2014 and have some kind of major league career before he’s done.

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