What Do Players in Taiwan’s CPBL Make?

My understanding is that foreign players (mostly from Japan and the Americas) typically make about $150,000 a year.  I haven’t received any information in the last couple of years on this subject, but at least until the 2013, when attendance exploded because Taiwan did fairly well in this spring’s World Baseball Classic and the EDA Rhinos had Manny Ramirez playing for them for the first half of the season (in a 4-team league, Manny played in half of all games played for half the season), CPBL attendance averaged at or below 3,000 fans per game, which makes even $150,000 salaries for the best players hard to justify.

However, I saw a post on yakyubaka.com saying that former long-time NPB player and Taiwan native Wei-chu Lin just signed a two-year $300,000 deal with the Brother Elephants.  That’s right at $150,000 per season.

Lin probably isn’t worth that rather modest amount, at least by MLB standards.  Lin recently turned age 35 and hasn’t played much in Japan the last two seasons, accumulating only 11 plate appearances for the Hanshin Tigers and only 155 plate appearances for the Tigers’ sole minor league team.  He was apparently used mainly as a pinch hitter the last two seasons, so he likely doesn’t provide any defensive value.

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One Comment on “What Do Players in Taiwan’s CPBL Make?”

  1. Burly Says:

    More recent information suggests that about $60K or $70K is the low end of what foreigners make in the CPBL with $150K being the highest amount. For example, Manny Ramirez probably received a pro rated amount for his recent half season which would amount to about $150K.

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