Cubs Give Up on Chang-Yong Lim

The Cubs today released South Korean reliever Chang-Yong Lim.  The main reason is almost certainly that he turns 38 in June and the Cubs simply don’t think he’s good risk to do anything for the team beyond 2014.

I’m a bit disappointed, because I think that Lim really is a major league pitcher, at least if his arm is healthy.  He had a career 2.09 ERA with terrific ratios in five seasons in Japan’s NPB through 2012, and he pitched extremely well in the U.S. minor leagues last year after coming back from Tommy John surgery.

In six games with the Cubs last year (five innings pitched), Lim had a 5.40 because he was wild.  However, five innings pitched doesn’t prove much of anything or let him get used to the MLB strike zone.  Lim pitched in four games (four IP) this Spring and had a 4.50 ERA, which, again, doesn’t prove much — he allowed only two hits, but walked two and gave up a dinger, while striking out three, before the Cubs re-assigned him to minor league camp.

It would be nice if another MLB organization would give him a minor league and send him to AAA, because I think he could help a major league team in 2014, at least if he’s still healthy.

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2 Comments on “Cubs Give Up on Chang-Yong Lim”

  1. Burly Says:

    Latest word is that the Cubs have sold Lim to the KBO’s Samsung Lions, so Lim will be returning to South Korea. Also reported that Lim didn’t want to pitch this year in the U.S. minor leagues.

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