Detroit Tigers Agree to Extend Miguel Cabrera for a Gazillion Dollars

The Tigers will actually be giving Miguel Cabrera $248 million for the eight seasons commencing with the 2016 season, since he’s already under contract for 2014 and 2015.  It just seems like an outrageous amount of money when you consider that he will be 33 years old when the new deal kicks in.

Cabrera is currently listed as 6’4″ and 240 lbs.  The idea that he’s going to age gracefully through his age 40 season seems just about impossible.  To me, this contract looks for all the world like the deal the Angels gave Albert Pujols two years ago, only it’s for more money.  At some point, this contract is going to be an albatross around Detroit’s neck — I guess the real question is when.

Fangraphs says Cabrera was worth an average of $33 million over the last three seasons, so the average annual rate of the extension seems about right.  What doesn’t make any sense is the length.  Four or five seasons at $33 million per makes sense, given what he’s done for the team and the free market cost of prime talent; eight seasons sure doesn’t.

On the other hand, Cabrera clearly “deserves” this contract in light of the fact that he’s the best hitter in baseball and the contracts Pujols and Robinson Cano received the last two off-seasons.  It just seems to me that the Yankees and the Dodgers are the only two teams in MLB that can really afford to swallow these kinds contracts when they inevitably go bad and continue to pay out top dollar for top talent.  For a team like the Tigers the contract is really going to hurt no later than 2019.

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