Some Notes from the College Game has a news wire link that sometimes has some pretty interesting tidbits about what’s going on in the college ranks.  For example, a pitcher from the University of Hartford named Sean Newcomb is now getting scouts’ rapt attention because he has a 0.00 ERA after pitching 39.2 innings so far this season.

Newcomb has allowed one unearned run on 14 hits and 19 walks while striking out 46.  He’s a junior this year, so he will likely be drafted this June.  Last year, as a sophomore, he struck out 92 batters in 72 innings pitched, so this year’s performance doesn’t appear to be entirely a fluke.  At any rate, he can consistently throw 94-95 mph, and he’s getting more attention from the pros than any Hartford player since Jeff Bagwell in the 1980’s.

Meanwhile, another college pitcher, Stony Brook’s Frankie Vanderka, set a record by throwing his third college no-hitter on March 22nd.  Vanderka is a senior this year who went undrafted in 2013, probably because he doesn’t strike a lot of people out (175 Ks in 245.2 IP so far in his college career).  His college career ERA is less than 3.00, he has good command and doesn’t give up a lot of hits or dingers, so given the publicity generated by his three no-hitters, there’s a good chance some MLB organization will draft him in the later rounds this coming June.  If not, he’ll have to go make a name for himself in the Independent A leagues.

One thing is for certain, however: Vanderka’s awfully tough to hit on his best days.

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