Chris Colabello Continues to Inspire

Former Independent-A League star and last year’s 29 year old major league rookie for the Minnesota Twins Chris Colabello is off to a hot start in 2014, batting .370/.414/.630 in 29 plate appearances and currently tied as the American League’s RBI leader with 11.  It’s a remarkable start for a player the Twins didn’t even want last off-season.

Given his age and the fact that he hit only .194 in 160 at-bats last season, the Twins attempted to sell Colabello to a team in South Korea’s KBO.  Although Colabello would have been paid about a $1 million to play in the KBO in 2014, a heck of a lot of money for a player who spent years making peanuts in the CanAm League, he refused the transfer saying that his dream was to establish himself as a major league player.  It didn’t seem like a wise move at the time, but it now looks like Colabello’s confidence in his ability to play major league ball may not have been misplaced.

Here’s a terrific article by Parker Hageman about Colabello and his professional adventures.  Colabello comes across as an intelligent and hard-working young man who just might have what it takes to establish himself as a major league player after all.

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