Getting Frustrated with Timmy

Paul Goldschmidt beat Tim Lincecum again last night, and I’m starting to get really frustrated about it.

It isn’t so much that Goldschmidt hits Timmy like a snare drum.  Every major league pitcher, no matter how good, has at least one or two batters who hit him like they know what’s coming.  It’s that Tim can’t keep the batters ahead of Goldschmidt off base so he can pitch around this Giant Killer.

Reading the San Francisco Chronicle’s article on the game, Tim apparently blames a “mechanical lapse”, saying that he was dropping his shoulder and throwing more side-arm than he should.

You know what?  I’m tired of hearing about Tim’s mechanical problems.  It was mechanical problems in 2012 and 2013 that caused him to have mediocre or worse seasons.  It’s time for him to figure out his mechanics once and for all and have another run of good seasons.

His first couple of seasons in the majors, Timmy had this great stuff that major league hitters just couldn’t touch.  The hitters (with the help of all the coaches and scouts advising them) then made some adjustments and got better at laying off Tim’s stuff out of the strike zone.   Tim was still pretty good the next two seasons, but not quite what he had been the first two-plus seasons.

The next two seasons, however, the hitters made further adjustments, Tim had all those mechanical problems, and he just wasn’t very good, at least during the regular season.  Timmy lost something on his fastball, but he added a slider, and he was still striking batters out left and right, although not quite at the rate of earlier seasons.  The main problem seemed to be his inability to throw strikes consistently, resulting in higher walk rates, and more home run balls when he had to come into the zone behind in the count.

Tim’s numbers are weird this year — 12 Ks and only one walk in 10 innings pitched, but 15 hits and four HRs allowed — but still somehow seem in line with his last two seasons.  When he gets ahead, is he striking out hitters with his pitch; but when he falls behind are the hitters hammering his get-it-in-there, don’t-walk-him pitches?

I don’t know, but I definitely feel like its time for Tim to turn his still excellent strike out rates into actual winning performance once again.

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