Not Too Soon to Say that Tanaka Was Worth the Risk

Masahiro Tanaka had his third strong start today, and I think it’s already early enough to say that he was worth the risk the Yankees took by paying all that money to get him into uniform.  Tanaka now has a 2.05 ERA and a pitching line of 22 IP, 15 hits, two HRs, two BBs and 28 Ks.

It just doesn’t get much better than that for a pitcher who hasn’t pitched in the major leagues before, and it’s just about impossible to put up numbers like that, even in only three games, unless you’re really, really good.

The only chink in Tanaka’s armor so far is that he might be too accurate with his pitches.  He may allow fewer home runs once he learns how to be effectively wild.

It’s still too early to declare that Tanaka is worth the money the Yankees paid for his services.  He could still blow out his arm tomorrow like Daisuke Matsuzaka did he had fully justified every dollar the Red Sox paid for him.  However, like Dice-K, the talent is unquestionably there to make the gamble a sensible one.

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