Japhet Amador to Return to the Mexican League

Huge 1Bman Japhet Amador is heading back to the Mexico City Reds after getting off to a slow start for the Houston Astros’ AAA team in Oklahoma City. The Astros have reportedly loaned him back to the M.C. Reds in advance of the May 3, 2014 date by which Houston will be required to purchase Amador’s contract or send him back to Mexico.  Apparently, there is some possibility of the Astros bringing him back to the U.S. if he plays well in Mexico.

The Astros arguably didn’t give him enough of an opportunity (he played in only seven AAA games this spring after playing O.K. in 10 AAA games last season and in the 2013 Arizona Fall League).  However, I didn’t see Amador as a successful major league player at the time the Astros signed him because of his age (he’s now 27) and the fact that he can’t do anything but hit.  He’s currently listed at 310 lbs, which almost certainly means he’s dead slow and is a liability on defense.  In fact, he played only four of his 17 AAA games in the field.

Thus, in order to become a major league designated hitter, he had to hit a ton in AAA right away, and he didn’t do that.  Add in the fact that the Astros had to make a decision on him soon, sending him back to Mexico seems to make the most sense.

Now, Amador returns to Mexico and resumes his star status there until his knees or back give out, or perhaps he eventually moves on to become a DH in Japan’s Pacific League or in South Korea’s KBO.  I don’t see a future for him the U.S. now that he’s is 27.

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