South Korean Baseball Fans Behaving Badly

In today’s news from the Far East, a drunken fan came out of the stands and put a choke hold on an umpire at yesterday’s Kia Tigers – SK Wyverns game.  Apparently, the fan was upset about a series of blown calls earlier in the game and was set off on a very close play during a double play attempt.

Meanwhile, at another KBO game, a fan brought a butane burner into the stands to roast up some squid during the game.  The fire got away from him, resulting in this rather amusing video.  Someone needs to tell this guy about the concept of tailgaiting in the parking lot before the game.

The subject of fans attacking umpires is more serious, and the KBO is currently enmeshed in media discussions of increasing instant replay review, which currently only applies to home run calls.  Needless to say, umpires are not perfect and modern TV instant replays from many angles make the miscalls all the more obvious.

Also needless to say, instant replay review is an ongoing issue throughout professional baseball, and given the amount of money at stake, whether it’s in MLB, Japan’s NPB, or South Korea’s KBO, more of it and continued tweakings of how it’s done are certain.

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