Nolan Arenado Does It All

Second year player Nolan Arenado made history yesterday when he hit safely in his 27th consecutive game to tie the Colorado Rockies’ team record set by Michael Cuddyer last season.  What is interesting to me, however, is that Arenado’s primary value is probably in his third base defense.

Since the start of the 2013 season, Arenado has the third highest UZR/150 of any 3Bman in baseball behind only Manny Machado, who is already generally recognized as the best defensive 3Bman in baseball, and the Dodgers’ Juan Uribe.  Arenado is fifteen months older than Machado, and is faced with the unenviable prospect of having to play his career at the same time as the even more talented Oriole third-sacker.

However, with Machado’s knee injury, which he is still working to come back from fully, and the fact that Arenado plays his home games in Coors Field, far and away MLB’s best place to hit, Arenado has the immediate opportunity to emerge fully from Machado’s long shadow.

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