What a Bargain!

One of the big stories of the 2014 season so far has been the emergence of the Yankees’ 26 year old rookie Yangervis Solarte.  26 year old rookie stars tend to be one-year wonders, but it currently looks as if the Yankees will benefit tremendously on the field from Alex Rodriguez‘s one-year suspension.

The Yankees signed Solarte out of the Rangers’ system as a minor league free agent this past off-season.  According to a blurb on mlbtraderumors.com yesterday, Solarte elected to sign with the Yankees not only because the team offered him the best possibility of playing third at the major league level, but also because the Yankees made him the best financial offer.  They agreed to pay him $22,000 a month with a three-month guarantee if he remained in the minors.

Needless to say, Solarte’s contract (he’s now presumably making the major league minimum which is $500,000 this season) is a tremendous bargain for the Bombers.  If the Yankees can get reasonably good performances out of the low-cost Solarte through 2017, it will do an awful lot to counter all the money the team will be throwing at a greatly diminished ARod when he returns to action next season.

As stated above, that’s a big if, since rookies Solarte’s age are not a particularly reliable investment, and it remains to be seen whether Solarte can even maintain his current performance through the 2014 season.  One thing is certain, however — he’s one of the main reasons the Yankees are only a game back in the AL East.

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