Stephen Drew Re-Signs with Boston Red Sox

After sitting the first seven weeks of the 2014 season, shortstop Stephen Drew has agreed to terms with the Boston Red Sox.  He will be paid a pro-rated $14.1 million, the amount of the qualifying offer he rejected, meaning that Drew’s hold-out will cost him almost $4 million compared to what he would have made had he accepted the BoSox’s qualifying offer when it was originally made.  On the other hand, the Crimson Hose can’t make Drew a qualifying offer if he plays well the rest of the 2014 season, and Drew can become a less restricted free agent this coming off-season.

The question then comes down to how Drew plays for the rest of 2014.  If he plays as well as he did last year, he’ll get the free agent contract he was hoping for last off-season in the coming off-season.  If he doesn’t play well after starting the season late, it’s unlikely there will be a great deal of interest in him from other teams.

The Red Sox apparently felt like they needed to re-sign Drew because they weren’t pleased with the offense from Will Middlebrooks at 3B or the defense from Xander Bogaerts at SS.  After Drew has gotten up to speed in the minor leagues, Bogaerts will presumably move to third and Middlebrooks to the bench or to the minors to work on his stroke.

In another interesting part of the signing, since Drew will be signing a major league deal, he will be placed on the major league active roster immediately.  I would expect the Red Sox to place him on the disabled list, so the team doesn’t have to be a player short while Drew gets up to speed in the minors.  However, this may not be possible since it has to be pretty clear to everyone that Drew is not hurt.

Players sometimes get put on the DL for phantom injuries when his team wants to make a move, but there is usually at least some claim of a legitimate injury, however minor it may truly be.  At least some players are willing to go on the disabled list in these circumstances since they get paid their major league salary while on the DL.  It’s pretty hard to claim an injury when you haven’t been with the team at all.  We’ll see how that plays out, because it’s awfully hard to play today’s game for a couple of weeks with a roster of only 24 players.

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