Is This the Giants Year (Again)?

After last night’s blow out win against the Cardinals in St. Louis, a lot of people are beginning to think that 2014 could be another special season for the Giants.  Here is Henry Schulman’s article for the San Francisco Chronicle, which states some of what I was thinking before I read it.

Baseball can definitely be hard to predict.  The present team doesn’t look a whole lot different from either the 2013 team, which finished 10 games below .500, or for that matter the 2012 team that won it all, except of course for the fact that the 2014 version is two years older.

The biggest single difference at the moment is the middle-of-the-lineup hitting of Michael Morse.  That, and the fact that the starting rotation and the top half of the bullpen has returned to 2012 form.  Also, Angel Pagan has been healthy so far in 2014 and is off to one of the best starts of his career.

The team has done a fine job weathering injuries so far.  When Brandon Belt got hurt and Buster Posey‘s back pain sent him into a slump, Pablo Sandoval, Hunter Pence and Gregor Blanco all got hot.  Brandon Hicks is no Marco Scutaro, but Hicks has played just well enough on both sides of the ball that the loss of Scutaro hasn’t seriously hurt the team.

The 2014 Giants are a veteran team with a lot of chemistry and collective knowledge of how to win.  The biggest threat to a return to the post-season is by far more injuries particularly to the pitching staff.

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