Big Time Timmy Does It Again

Apparently, Tim Lincecum owns the Padres almost as much as Paul Goldschmidt owns him.  For the second year in a row, Big Time Timmy Jim has no-hit the Padres.

It’s hard to know what to make of this second no-hitter.  Lincecum has clearly lost something as a starter the last three seasons.  I guess it’s just that when his stuff is relatively good and his command is especially good, the Padres, at least, can’t hit him with a paddle.

This was a win the Giants really needed, after their long losing streak against second division teams.  Last year, when Tim pitched his no-hitter, I hoped he was turning a corner, but this year I’ll chalk it up to just another great one-off performance against a team he owns.

I don’t think this second no-hitter, although it ties him with Christy Mathewson for most by a pitcher in a Giants uniform, is going to do much to boost Timmy’s Hall of Fame chances.  I still think he needs to win another 100 games before he’ll really have a shot.

There’s no doubt, though, that Tim is a shoe-in for Giants’ franchise Hall of Fame.  Two Cy Young Awards, two World Series rings and two no-hitters should put a pitcher in any team’s individual Hall of Fame.

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