Eric Surkamp Sighting

Eric Surkamp was recently promoted by the Chicago White Sox, the team that claimed him last December when the Giants put him waivers to free up roster space for the Michael Morse signing.  Surkamp has made four relief appearances for the Pale Hose and has a 3.38 ERA so far.

As I wrote last December, I was kind of sorry to see Surkamp leave, because I had hopes he might amount to something as a Giant.  Hate to see the Giants give up somebody like that for the waiver price.

The White Sox have had good success the past two seasons with Giants’ cast-offs.  At age 26, Conor Gillaspie has established himself as the ChiSox starting 3Bman.  Losing Gillaspie doesn’t bother me much, though, because he was never going to replace Pablo Sandoval at 3B in San Francisco, and I’m still not really sold on Gillaspie as an every-day 3Bman.  He played last year only because the White Sox had no one better.

Anyway, I’m hoping that Surkamp has some success in the Windy City.  I don’t think he’ll be the next Dan Otero, another former late-round draft choice the Giants clearly undervalued, but you never know.

Also, it cut both ways.  Just as the Giants have given up on quite a few players too soon, they’ve salvaged off the scrap heap plenty of young pitchers given up on by other teams that came on to have success in San Francisco.  Major league teams cycle through so many young players and the margin of skill between a AAA player and a bottom of the roster major league player is so slim that many players are going to eventually find success after getting dumped by one or more other organizations.

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