A Hero One Day, a Minor Leaguer the Next

They say that major league baseball is a game of constant adjustments.  I was reminded of this saying today when I read that the Yankees had send 3Bman Yangervis Solarte back to the minors today.

Solarte was the talk of baseball the first two months of the season when he more than adequately filled the big shoes left by Alex Rodriguez‘s one-year suspension.  After about June 8th, however, he stopped hitting, most likely because the junior circuit’s pitchers and advanced scouts figured out his weaknesses as a hitter.

Hearing about Solarte’s banishment to the bushes got me thinking about Chris Colabello, another of the biggest feel-good stories of the early 2014 season.  Colabello who labored long in the independent-A leagues, got a major league shot in 2013, and in 2014 he got off to a great start, briefly leading the AL in RBI’s in late April.  However, he stopped hitting after about May 2nd, and was sent back to AAA about a month later.

Colabello played poorly in his first 25 games for the Rochester Red Wings, but he’s suddenly gotten hot again, batting .341 with a 1.104 OPS in his last ten games.  If he can keep it up, he’ll be back in the Show in no time.  I have no idea what has changed, but it seems obviouse Colabello has made some adjustments since getting send down to Rochester.

I can’t help but hope that both Solarte and Colabello can make the necessary adjustments and work their way back up to the majors.  Baseball needs all the feel-good stories it can get, particularly when it has to counter news like MLB reportedly giving Arod permission to use steroids in 2007, after his testicles had shrunk from too much prior steroid use.

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