Has Tim Lincecum Turned a Corner?

Tim Lincecum threw seven shutout innings against the Diamond Backs tonight, and held Paul Goldschmidt to a walk in three plate appearances, which is pretty much like handing a golden sombrero to any other hitter.

Timmy Terrific has an 0.30 ERA over his last four starts and has allowed ten hits in 30.1 innings pitched over that stretch.  Tim’s recent quotes suggest that he’s realized he can be successful with what he (and everyone else) considers mediocre stuff if he commands his pitches, mixes them up and changes locations.  That’s the essence of pitching, so I hope maybe he’s turned some kind of a corner and is becoming the pitcher he has to become to return to being a top-three starter.

I have a terrible feeling I may be getting ahead of myself. On May 31st, I wrote a post wondering/hoping/thinking this was going to be the Giants’ year again.  Since then, they’re gone 15-22 and only just pulled a single percentage point ahead of the Dodgers with Timmy’s win tonight.

I’m not going to worry too much about jinxing Tim, though.  It’s highly gratifying to see him have a stretch where he pitches like he did in 2008 and 2009, even if it’s only for four games and doesn’t really mean anything.  Also, the Giants really needed tonight’s 5-0 win, so it’s all good.  Even flashes of Tim’s old brilliance are highly satisfying.

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