Detroit Tigers Pay a Steep Price for Joakim Soria reports that the Tigers are going to obtain Joakim Soria from the Texas Rangers in exchange for prospects Corey Knebel and Jake Thompson.  It looks like the Tigers paid a steep price for a two-month closer rental.

Soria has pitched better than his 2.70 ERA so far this season indicates, and the Tigers certainly need a new closer to replace the highly ineffective Joe Nathan.  Even so, they gave up a lot to get a reliever who can walk at the end of this season.

Corey Knebel is a 22 year old former 1st round draft pick out of the University of Texas who has already pitched his way to the majors, even if he isn’t an effective major league pitcher yet.  Jake Thompson is a former second round draft pick who has already pitched his way into the AA Eastern League at age 20.

With a six and a half game lead over the Indians as I write this, it’s not entirely clear why the Tigers felt they had to give up this much talent to get Soria for two months and ten days.  Most likely, the Tigers feel he’s the piece they need to go deep into the post-season.  In any event, you can’t make too many trades like this before you’ve traded away your future.

This is clearly a great move for the Rangers on paper, but it’s tough to develop young pitchers at The Ballpark at Arlington.

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