When graphic novels/comix collide with professional baseball, we get Sam Maus, a 22 year old 2Bman playing for the St. Paul Saints.  Or something like that (it’s just like that, only different in every way).

Maus played for St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota, which is one of the Mid-West’s great university towns (yes, there are great university towns in the American Mid-West, although I can’t name any other than Northfield).  He’s currently playing for the St. Paul Saints, one of the dominant teams in the Independent A American Association.

In 37 American Association games (he presumably started in the American Association this year after his senior college season ended), Maus is batting .336 with a .455 on-base percentage, and his 2B defense looks pretty good for his age and this level of play.  I have no idea whether Maus is Jewish, but the name and the famed graphic novel certainly suggest the possibility, although he could just as well be German, given his name and birthplace.

In my long-winded way, I’m trying to get to the point that a major league organization should sign Maus right quick and assign him to a short- or long-season A league to see if he is one of those diamonds in the rough that come out of the Indy-A leagues.  An on-base percentage above .450 from a middle infielder at any level of professional baseball is simply nothing to sneeze at.

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