San Francisco Giants Promote Matt Duffy and Jarrett Parker

A month ago, I wrote a piece in which I opined that the Giants should soon promote SS Matt Duffy and OF Jarrett Parker up to AAA Fresno.  Giants’ GM Brian Sabean has done me one better by promoting both of them from AA Richmond straight to the major leagues today.

Frankly, it looks like a desperation move.  Both Duffy and Parker need some time at AAA Fresno before making the jump to the Show, and as much as I like Matt Duffy, I’d still rather see Joe Panik get that playing time at 2B, since I think Panik is the one with the best chance to become a major league star.

Still, it’s nice to see the Giants reward performance and call up a couple of guys who had been playing well, even if they are likely to be over-matched at the major league level.

Meanwhile, the Dan Uggla Era in San Francisco sure didn’t last very long, did it?  He’ll probably get a minor league shot with someone else if he wants it, but it’s sure looking like a good time to stick a fork in him.  In fact, the best move for Uggla would be to accept a demotion to AAA Fresno, where he can try to get his hitting stroke back in a good hitting environment.

As for Tyler Colvin, I haven’t been impressed with him since the Giants initially signed him this past off-season.  He got off to a hot start when he first came up in May, even though he hadn’t done all that much before hand at AAA Fresno and didn’t really deserve the promotion.  Since May, he’s regressed to what I suspect is his true level of ability, and it’s back to the minor leagues for him.

I’m a little disappointed that Adam Duvall didn’t do more with the limited opportunities he got to play in San Francisco.  His numbers at AAA Fresno this year suggest he’s the guy most ready for MLB, but now it looks like he’ll have to wait until September call-ups to get another look.

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